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Moses ben Maimon, commonly known as Maimonides and also referred to by the acronym Rambam, was a medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher who became one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages. In his time, he was also a preeminent astronomer and physician. Born in Córdoba, Almoravid Empire on Passover Eve, 1135 or 1138, he worked as a rabbi, physician, and philosopher in Morocco and Egypt. He died in Egypt on December 12, 1204, whence... Read More

Born30 March or 6 April 1135
Possibly born 28 March or 4 April 1138
Córdoba, Almoravid Empire (present-day Spain)
Died12 December 1204 (aged 69)
Fostat, Ayyubid Sultanate (present-day Egypt)
EraMedieval philosophy
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